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South Carolina juvenile contends with drug charges

Anytime there is a congregation of people in any public area, they may attract the attention of police. When that group of people consists of teenagers, they may be more apt to attract attention and find themselves being questioned by law enforcement authorities. An encounter with police in South Carolina recently led to drug charges for one teenager who was with a group of teens out on the street.

The police were called to a street corner because of allegations that there was a noisy group of teenagers there. When a police officer walked toward one of the teens, the teenager turned and then allegedly dropped a bag of marijuana onto the ground. The authorities also say that the teenager in question had a glass pipe for smoking marijuana in one pocket of his shorts.

South Carolina councilman's son charged with drunk driving

When police suspect someone of a crime, the family, employment or community ties of the person suspected of a crime typically do not factor into the decision to press charges. However, for some in the community, being arrested or suspected of a crime can have an immediate and negative impact on their reputation and standing in the community. Recently in South Carolina, the son of a town councilman who is a public advocate for the crusade against drunk driving was just arrested for suspected DUI.

The 25-year-old man was spotted speeding through a 45 mph zone and was pulled over. The officer allegedly detected the smell of alcohol. The officer also contends the man was slurring and had bloodshot eyes. He was subjected to a number of field sobriety tests.

South Carolina couple contend with domestic violence charge

Whenever there is a domestic situation, it may be difficult to discover what actually happened. It is not always clear who may have been the aggressor and who may have been the victim. When police intervened in a recent situation between a South Carolina couple, both parties ended up being charged with criminal domestic violence. The incident reportedly began as an argument about the relationship between the two.

According to the police, a 23-year-old man and his 22-year-old girlfriend began to fight, and she reportedly cut him with a box cutter. This allegedly happened after he allegedly attempted to strangle her. It is claimed that the boyfriend then rolled up a workbook from his anger management class and hit the woman in the face with it.

South Carolina man faces drunk driving charges after crash

Anytime there is a car accident, there is the potential that someone may face charges for their role in the accident and have to deal with the criminal justice system. A recent car accident in South Carolina has led to a 19-year-old man facing a number of criminal charges, including drunk driving. The wreck happened on a Saturday night.

The 19-year-old was traveling north when he crossed into the opposite lane and hit an oncoming car. That car was operated by a 43-year-old woman. She and her 65-year-old mother died as a result of the car accident. The deceased driver's 11-year-old daughter and her husband were injured in the wreck, although there was no report as to the extent of those injuries.

9 facing drug charges in South Carolina after police raid

Any kind of large-scale drug bust or raid of a residence can yield a high number of arrests even if that was not the initial intent. A recent drug bust operation in South Carolina has led to the arrest of nine individuals who now face drug charges. It has also allegedly led to the dismantling of a marijuana growing operation.

The crackdown took place over a 36-hour period and included search warrants for five different places. The investigation was assisted and carried out by county sheriffs, city police and a Drug Enforcement Unit. All nine people were taken into custody and three others are wanted by authorities. The arrested people range in ages from 18 to 65 years old.

South Carolina man faces DUI charge, takes taser

Whenever police get into an altercation with someone they are looking to question, the situation can lead to a struggle and possibly more charges being filed against an individual than what may have initially been intended. In South Carolina, a man was pulled over and questioned. The police contend he was swerving on the road. The man now faces a DUI charge, but an incident that ensued after being pulled over has led to more charges.

Police said that, once they pulled over the 28-year-old man and were questioning him for a possible DUI, he started to struggle with an officer. As they struggled, the man reportedly got the officer's Taser gun. He then apparently took off on foot. He was located 11 hours later at a house.

South Carolina husband deals with domestic violence charge

Whenever couples argue in a public place, it can be difficult for outsiders to ascertain when to intervene or if to intervene at all, especially if the argument or issue is taking place behind the closed door of a hotel room. A recent argument between a married couple at a South Carolina hotel led to police intervention. The husband fled the scene before police arrived, although police say they plan to charge the husband with domestic violence related to the incident.

Reportedly, the couple was in a hotel room when a drink was spilled on the 47-year-old wife's cell phone. The 50-year-old husband allegedly grabbed the wife by the throat and choked her. He also purportedly held her down on the bed while doing so.

Couple face drug charges after South Carolina highway incident

Certain Interstate highways are consistently busy and are used by travelers from all over the country. One couple traveling on I-95 through South Carolina recently found themselves in legal trouble and now face drug charges. The incident resulted in part of the highway being shut down for a time.

The incident began when a car allegedly came close to sideswiping a police cruiser along the highway in Sumter County. A sheriff's deputy then pulled over the car. The officer was in the midst of giving the couple a warning when something apparently led him to believe he needed to investigate more. The officer asked to bring his drug sniffing dog to the car, and the couple obliged.

Woman faces drunk driving charge in deadly South Carolina crash

Whenever there is a rear-end accident at a stop light, the injuries can be devastating. A recent accident in South Carolina left one woman dead and another under arrest. A 36-year-old woman is facing charges of drunk driving and also apparently has past drunk driving convictions in the state.

In this particular incident, the woman came to an intersection and hit the back of a Kia. The Kia was then pushed out into the intersection where it was then hit by a Camry. The 22-year-old driver of that car was rushed to a hospital, where she later died.

Social media leads to domestic violence arrest in South Carolina

The use of social media has permeated virtually every aspect of modern life. It is also a tool used by law enforcement when it comes to crime and evidence. Recently in South Carolina, a post on social media had a hand in a man's arrest for domestic violence charges.

There was allegedly a post on Facebook that was described as the man boasting about how authorities would not catch him. A task force surrounded the man's trailer and asked him to come out and give himself up. He reportedly resisted at first, but then went along with the request to go into police custody.

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