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Police chief in South Carolina faces a domestic violence charge

Understandably, the police investigate and take any allegations of domestic violence very seriously. In South Carolina and elsewhere, a domestic violence charge can affect one's home life and also a person’s career. If a person accused in South Carolina is in law enforcement, that person may be suspended from his or her duties even before the charge is addressed in court.

In one South Carolina town, a police chief was accused and arrested for domestic violence. The 39-year-old chief was accused of hitting his son with a piece of wood repeatedly. His son is 14 years old. He was also accused of grabbing and also throwing his wife.

South Carolina investigation leads to drug charges for many

Whenever police and other agencies team up to investigate a situation, the actual investigation may go on for some time. People involved may not even be aware that they are being investigated for anything. Around a year ago, an investigation in South Carolina was put in motion, and now many people are facing drug charges as a result.

Several agencies were involved as arrest warrants were issued for 21 people. The investigation was referred to as “Operation Beach Sweep.” One home was searched as part of the investigation, and people inside were arrested as a result.

South Carolina man accused of drunk driving, hitting man

Traveling down the street can be dangerous for both drivers and for cyclists. In South Carolina, a bicyclist recently became involved in an accident after being hit by a car. The driver who stands accused of allegedly hitting him was arrested and faces charges of drunk driving.

The incident happened on a Sunday, early in the day. A 24-year-old man was driving down the road in a Nissan and came upon a bicyclist, at which point the cyclist was hit. The driver who allegedly hit him continued on down the road for a few blocks before he returned to the scene of the crash. He reportedly returned on foot.

Search ends in drug charges for South Carolina man

The execution of a search warrant must be conducted under certain conditions, and the law must be upheld for the protection of the officers and also the person whose home is being searched. When officers do execute a search warrant, they may find and enter certain things into evidence against an individual. The execution of a search warrant against a South Carolina man ended in that man facing a number of drug charges.

On a Friday, authorities conducted a search of a house belonging to a 43-year-old man. They allegedly found almost 200 grams of cocaine in the house along with an amount of a cocaine base. They also found a Glock pistol and a great deal of cash -- nearly $10,000.

South Carolina man charged with domestic violence

Any kind of altercation or argument between couples in a relationship can easily become heated or escalate beyond what either party may have anticipated. However, despite any intent or the status of the relationship between the couple, when police are called to the scene and any unwanted physical contact has occurred, they can make an arrest and charge one or both parties with domestic violence. Recently, an incident at a South Carolina house led to the arrest and prison sentence for a man after an altercation with his girlfriend.

Police responded to a house to find a woman unable to move. Her 51-year-old boyfriend had allegedly assaulted her. It was reported that he had thrown a Blu-ray disc player at her, along with a salt shaker and a walker that belonged to the woman. It was also reported that the woman may have been struck with a hammer in her head.

Man faces DUI charge after he hit house in South Carolina

Whenever there is an accident, police typically investigate the cause, and they may file charges against a driver if they believe a crime has been committed. Whenever police suspect a driver of DUI after an accident, there are certain steps they take to move forward with filing a DUI charge against the person they believe to be intoxicated. Recently in South Carolina, a man found himself facing DUI charges after he wrecked his car into someone’s house.

The 47-year-old driver came through a front yard and hit a house. The homeowner was outside in the yard when he said the car came toward him. He dove out of the way and claims to have injured his back in the process.

3 South Carolina residents face drug charges

Law enforcement investigations can sometimes take months or even longer before an arrest is made. In some investigations that allege drug activity, law enforcement will set up sting operations or undercover purchases to support the drug charges they intend to bring once enough evidence has been secured. However, these cases are not always as solid as the media and police reports make them out to be, resulting in many questions being asked as to the validity of the drug charges that are brought in a South Carolina criminal court.

Law enforcement in Lexington County recently arrested three individuals after a two month investigation. Officers raided a 57-year-old man's home and allege to have seized 19 marijuana plants and a handgun. Police also claim that there was evidence to support that the man and two others, a 27-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman, were manufacturing methamphetamine at the residence.

South Carolina man faces drug charges after failure to appear

If someone is ordered to show up for court and fails to do so at the time or date given, there may be a warrant issued. If that occurs, authorities may come to a person’s place of residence or work to serve that warrant. If there are any suspicions of illegal activity at a place where a warrant is being served, the person being served may face additional criminal charges. For one South Carolina man, alleged activity at his home led to drug charges being filed by authorities who were there to serve a warrant.

The man hadn’t showed up to court to answer for drug charges and burglary charges. The authorities then went to his house to serve the warrant. They reportedly forced their way into the home; however, it is unclear what suspicions they had or what led them to force their way in. They contend that there was a methamphetamine lab in the house.

South Carolina man charged with drunk driving after crash

For one man, driving with his wife in a pickup truck has ended in a fatal tragedy. The two were involved in a single vehicle accident in South Carolina on a Sunday night. That accident has also led to drunk driving charges against the husband who was driving.

The man was driving his pickup truck. He lost control on the curve, crossed the lanes on the road. The truck then ran off the roadway altogether. The truck also flipped a number of times during the accident.

South Carolina police officer is accused of domestic violence

Police officers are given the duty to serve and protect the public. However, they are subject to the laws of the land just as anyone else. They are also deserving of the right to defend themselves if accused of a crime, just as any other citizen. Recently, a South Carolina police officer has found himself facing criminal charges of domestic violence related to an incident with his wife.

The officer with the Columbia Police Department is 64 years old. His wife’s age was not given. It isn’t outlined whether there had been an argument between the two, but police responded to the home of the pair on the night in question. There was no word as to who called the police to the officer’s residence.

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