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Several face drug charges after South Carolina search

When the police act on a search warrant, it can be nearly impossible to predict what may occur or if someone may be arrested for anything that is found during that search. Also, anyone on the premises may be subject to arrest under certain circumstances. After a search in South Carolina recently, six people ended up being arrested and now face drug charges as a result.

Police executed a search on a Friday. Inside, they allegedly found a few pounds of marijuana and some crack cocaine. The drugs found were estimated to be worth over $13,000. Also, two handguns were found and so was drug paraphernalia.

Man faces DUI charge after deadly crash in South Carolina

When an accident occurs, police often investigate to see if alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident in any way. If they find just cause, a driver may be arrested at the scene of a car accident and, if chemical tests confirm their suspicions, that driver may later face a DUI charge. If someone was injured or killed in the accident, the drunk driver may face even more severe charges. as one South Carolina man recently discovered.

The accident occurred when a 75-year-old woman was waiting in the turning lane at an intersection. A truck driven by a 43-year-old man failed to stop and rear-ended her vehicle. The impact pushed her car over the center line where she was then hit head on by another vehicle.

South Carolina woman faces drug charges for prescriptions

Whenever a person sees a healthcare provider for a health issue, a prescription may be written for medications to help with that problem. Recent issues with pain medications and abuse of those medications have made officials much more aware of the abuse of pain medications, particularly among those people who may have multiple prescriptions from different doctors. One South Carolina woman was just arrested concerning drug charges that accuse her of having multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors.

The 49-year-old is facing numerous charges. The charges include felony possession of a Schedule II controlled substance and also withholding information from healthcare providers. She was released from a detention center on an unsecured bond.

Sentence handed down in South Carolina drunk driving case

The penalties for a DUI in any state can be harsh and may involve jail time, loss of license and other penalties. However, when someone is injured or killed during an accident and drunk driving is the cause, the penalties can be particularly harsh, as the charge can be elevated to a felony. In South Carolina, a man was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for the aftermath of a drunk driving crash.

The man was driving when an accident occurred in early January. The police found alcohol at the scene. They were granted a search warrant, giving them permission to take a blood sample from the 30-year-old driver as he was receiving medical treatment. The blood sample showed alcohol in the man's system, and that level was above the legal limit. It was not reported what injuries he may have suffered.

Gang members arrested for drug charges in South Carolina

Whenever someone faces charges in one state and flees to another, that state may have to pull resources together to help locate and apprehend the individuals. If someone is arrested, they may be held and face extradition proceedings to another state. Individuals in that situation may choose to fight the extradition or may even have to face charges in a current state before being sent back to another. Recently in South Carolina, authorities apprehended individuals wanted on drug charges and other charges in another state.

The two men are 18 and 20 years old. They were allegedly involved in some gang activity in another state. Once authorities found that there were family ties to South Carolina, they began to search for the two men.

Deadly accident in South Carolina leads to felony DUI charge

Any collision, especially a head-on collision, can lead to injuries or worse. One recent car accident in South Carolina allegedly involving alcohol has led to the deaths of three people. A driver who was at the wheel now faces a felony DUI charge related to the injuries and deaths that resulted from the crash.

According to the authorities involved in the case, a 24-year-old driver was at an intersection just after midnight when his vehicle crossed the center line. This led to a head-on collision with another vehicle. Several people were injured and killed as a result.

Resident complaints in South Carolina lead to drug charges

When police receive complaints or tips from the public about suspected illegal activity, those tips and complaints may lead to criminal charges. Recently, in South Carolina, police received complaints about possible drug activity from neighborhood residents. The follow-up on these complaints in late October by law enforcement officials led to drug charges being filed against a man who previously had brushes with the law.

The 32-year-old man, out of jail on bail, was arrested at a home where police say they found a pound of marijuana, in a high-grade form, and hundreds of dollars in cash. The police also allege finding a rifle that was said to be stolen, a shotgun, a pistol and a revolver. Police say they also found scales and packaging materials at the home, items which are considered to be drug paraphernalia.

Teacher faces DUI charge in South Carolina

When some people think about a typical DUI situatiob, they may automatically picture someone on the road at night and on the weekend. However, police are always on the lookout for a potential DUI despite the time of day or the day of the week. In fact, one South Caroling teacher is now facing a DUI charge after an incident on a Monday morning.

Police say they observed the woman crossing the center line on the highway. They also report that she went off the right side of the roadway. Once she arrived at the elementary school where she is employed, she was given field sobriety tests. According to officials, she failed the tests administered in the parking lot of the school.

South Carolina cop facing domestic violence charge

Altercations of threats exchanged between two parties can result in police intervention. Even if one of the parties is a police officer, the authorities may need to ascertain the situation and act accordingly, as everyone must be treated equally under the law. Recently in South Carolina, a police officer was arrested and now faces a domestic violence charge related to an incident that apparently led one individual to fear for her safety.

The incident involved a 46-year-old police officer who had worked with the police department for roughly 10 years. Reportedly, there was a verbal altercation between the man and woman, although the specific relationship between them was not disclosed. During the altercation, the police officer allegedly pulled out his gun and threatened the woman. He is also reported to have sent a text message that was threatening in nature.

School coach with kids in car now faces South Carolina DUI charge

There are many occupations and positions that require a person to transport minors or the public to events. Being a high school coach can be one of those positions. If a person is in the midst of transporting people as part of their job, they may find harsh consequences could be in store if they were to be pulled over for a traffic or criminal offense of any kind. Recently in South Carolina, a high school coach was driving cross-country team members when she was pulled over by police, and she now faces a DUI charge as a result.

Police say they detained the 42-year-old because she was driving erratically. She had seven student-athletes in the car with her. They were on their way to an event. Police did not disclose details of why they thought she was under the influence or details of the actual arrest.

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