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South Carolina cop facing domestic violence charge

Altercations of threats exchanged between two parties can result in police intervention. Even if one of the parties is a police officer, the authorities may need to ascertain the situation and act accordingly, as everyone must be treated equally under the law. Recently in South Carolina, a police officer was arrested and now faces a domestic violence charge related to an incident that apparently led one individual to fear for her safety.

The incident involved a 46-year-old police officer who had worked with the police department for roughly 10 years. Reportedly, there was a verbal altercation between the man and woman, although the specific relationship between them was not disclosed. During the altercation, the police officer allegedly pulled out his gun and threatened the woman. He is also reported to have sent a text message that was threatening in nature.

School coach with kids in car now faces South Carolina DUI charge

There are many occupations and positions that require a person to transport minors or the public to events. Being a high school coach can be one of those positions. If a person is in the midst of transporting people as part of their job, they may find harsh consequences could be in store if they were to be pulled over for a traffic or criminal offense of any kind. Recently in South Carolina, a high school coach was driving cross-country team members when she was pulled over by police, and she now faces a DUI charge as a result.

Police say they detained the 42-year-old because she was driving erratically. She had seven student-athletes in the car with her. They were on their way to an event. Police did not disclose details of why they thought she was under the influence or details of the actual arrest.

Man faces misdemeanor and felony crimes accusations for fraud

Late last month, a man was arrested in Rock Hill for committing a white collar crime. Now, an individual has come forward and accused the South Carolina man of committing an additional crime. The man now faces misdemeanor and felony crimes for purportedly committing financial identity fraud.

Originally, the man was arrested on Sept. 24 after supposedly attempting to use a fake identification card to withdraw $400 from a local bank earlier the same day. A bank teller from a separate credit union contacted the local police after purportedly recognizing the 59-year-old man from news reports. The teller stated that the man came into her credit union on Sept. 16, and he allegedly withdrew $600 from an account.

Knowing your options when facing drunk driving charges

Whenever someone is arrested or charged with any kind of crime, it is vital that they know their rights. No two cases are exactly alike. Each accused individual may have defense options that he or she may not even be aware of. When it comes to drunk driving charges in South Carolina, gaining an understanding of the options available to pursue a favorable result is the best approach to preparing a meaningful defense.

A charge of drunk driving can lead to loss of a driver's license and even jail time under certain circumstances, should a conviction ultimately be obtained in court. Without knowing the alternative approaches available to a criminal defense team, an accused individual could end up facing consequences they didn't need to contend with. There may be plea bargain options under certain circumstances, and a trial can give a person a chance to present evidence to dispute the charges altogether, rather than just accepting an outcome that can impact their life.

Man in South Carolina charged with a crime after child death

Whenever police respond to an accident or investigate a tragic situation, what they find or uncover can lead to someone being charged with a crime, even if has nothing to do with what may have led to police involvement to begin with. A recent case of a man being charged with a crime in South Carolina is generating news as the case involves the death of a child in the man's home. The toddler at the house died of a gunshot wound.

A 2-year-old boy was shot in the home. The toddler reportedly was playing at the house, which was near his own. It was not reported what led to the boy being the victim of the gunshot, but the boy died as a result. The man charged with a crime was not actually charged with the death of the child.

Tragic South Carolina boat crash leads to DUI charge

When most people think about DUI incidents, they may automatically assume the situation involves a vehicle on the roads. However, boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs can also lead to a drunk driving charge. A recent tragic boat accident in South Carolina led to a felony DUI charge against one woman, along with word that more charges may be pending.

The incident happened on a lake as a 53-year-old woman was operating a boat. At some point, the boat capsized. It was about 100 to 200 feet away from the shore. There were two children inside the boat, a 9-year-old and a 5-month-old baby, who were fatally injured in the boat incident.

Dozens indicted on drug charges in South Carolina meth bust

There are times when officials spend years investigating or detailing the actions of a suspected drug ring or operation. Anyone caught in the company of individuals being investigated may find themselves the subject of such investigations also. It may also be difficult for authorities to pinpoint an individual's role in a suspected drug ring if there are a great number of suspects being investigated. Recently in South Carolina, authorities handed down indictments against more than three dozen people, and they now face drug charges.

The dozens of suspects are accused of being involved in what was deemed a massive meth operation. The investigation went on for a year, and the large-scale indictments are said to have put a dent in the production and dealing of meth in the state. Of the 37 people indicted, 36 have been taken into custody.

South Carolina county official faces DUI charge

All citizens are expected to abide by the law. When an elected official is in a government-owned vehicle, any kind of criminal charge can lead to more than just legal consequences. The ability to stay in a certain employment position or to have access to a government vehicle could be impacted. Recently a deputy coroner in Lexington County was arrested on a South Carolina DUI charge for an incident involving a county-owned vehicle.

Law enforcement authorities in West Columbia apparently received a call about an individual who was sleeping behind the wheel of an SUV. Police say they then found a man asleep behind the wheel, and he was identified as the Deputy County Coroner. Reportedly, he was in a government-issued work vehicle at the time. They also say they found a beer in a cup holder.

Fatal South Carolina accident leads to drunk driving charges

There are times when accidents are simply ruled an accident, and no one faces criminal charges related to the incident. There are also times when police feel there is more to investigate and believe there is a reason to file charges against one or more parties involved in a car accident. A recent South Carolina car accident led to felony drunk driving charges being filed against one of the drivers.

The accident occurred on a weekend as a man was driving a Chevy Equinox. His vehicle hit a Jeep on the road just after noon on a Saturday. The Jeep was being driven by a 17-year-old female. The driver who hit her was taken to a medical facility for injuries he received in the crash.

Bad dinner leads to domestic violence charge in South Carolina

Whenever couples have private disputes, there are times when it leads to police intervention. If police are called to a home and there appears to have been any kind of physical contact, they may have to press domestic violence charges against one or more of the parties involved. A recent dispute in South Carolina between a husband and wife at an apartment led to domestic violence charges against the wife.

The cops were called to the scene when a report was made about a woman yelling for help as she banged on someone’s door. She originally told police her husband had a gun, but later told police he was not armed at all. She did contend that she was assaulted by her husband after saying her steak was overcooked.

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