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http://www.armstrongfirm.com 864-241-0633 The Armstrong Law Firm handles criminal defense, personal injury, workers’ comp, Social Security Disability and family law. Contact the Greenville, South Carolina attorney for representation.

Claimant is a South Carolina tree surgeon. After Hurricane Katrina, he was assigned by his employer to clear trees and limbs from rights-of-way in southern Mississippi. He was exposed to polluted waters without proper safety equipment. His feet and hands sustained severe "immersion foot", archaically known as "trench foot", having been so named after the malady World War I soldiers suffered in the trenches' cold, wet, and unsanitary conditions. After involvement by the Armstrong Law Firm, Claimant was brought to maximum medical improvement, but still has lingering problems. He received a lump sum settlement of $99,500.00, plus lost wages and medical treatment, all under the South Carolina Worker's Compensation Act.

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